All the courses,

we offer three (3) levels + one (1) advanced level.:

  • Preliminary Level (Pratham)
  • Intermediate Level (Madhyam)
  • Advanced Level (Vid)
  • The Specialty Level – Specialization – (Covid)

All these levels have got two sections on one year each ie; First year & Final year. Three levels upto Vid will make you eligible for a Diploma Certificate. Additional Certificates will be provided for all the levels.


The Institute is open all days except Friday.

  • Morning Session : From 9.00am to 12.00pm
  • Evening Session : From 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Class : 2 Classes per week
  • Duration : 50 minutes each


The students are classified in different groups in two ways.

  • Age-wise
  • Study Level-wise

Theory notes also will be provided to all the senior level students.
Periodical evaluation would be conducted & report cards would be distributed to all punctual students

All the courses are designed to bring forth the real talents
in each student and to nurture it in a proper way. The student-hood in IIPA will be made an experience to all of them ultimately.


All students would be provided with an opportunity to perform before an encouraging audience consisted of their parents/friends/well wishers in an Annual Event arranged by the Institute every year. This is besides the other occasional programmes being arranged during certain good & noble occasions by different social organisations/embassies in Bahrain.

Public concerts& lecture demonstration also would be arranged occasionally in which eminent performers/masters of their concerned fields would be brought here for such events. This is envisaged as to provide our students an opportunity to interact with eminent artists/musicologists to enhance their understanding and to motivate them. These events would be charged additionally at affordable rates.