Dear Music Lovers, Friends & Well Wishers,

The immortal philosopher Plato writes that music is a moral law that gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm to the gaiety of life and to everything. It is rather an experiential kind of phenomenon that is the only source of positivity that can unite the mankind. Myriad centuries passed by after Plato and the world situation is getting worsened year after year. It has become all the more important to carefully create heavens of culture for a brave new world for tomorrow, else the world that is too much with us would drain out our humaneness. Here the role of music becomes so pivotal. Music is the harmony of life that got emanated through mankind from the true nature of this Universe. As Hans Christian Anderson rightly puts it as when words fail, music speaks. That is the diplomacy of music and it has always been a faculty of mankind to ennoble itself.

This is the idea behind the creation of Indian Institute for Performing Arts over 14 years back. We want to create a bridge between music and busy expatriate life and thus to unwind the stressful life and associated problems through inculcating a culture that truly reflects the values of humanity and its oneness. But we didn’t reserve our activities within the fold of our classes in music, dance and art only. The society needs to be inspired with great models of this sublime musical culture. We brought many high quality musical events with this aim to
give our brethren a chance to enjoy good music.

Standing upon the threshold of time I am now thinking about the landmark moments through which Indian Institute for Performing Arts(IIPA) has gone through over a period of 15 years of its existence in Kingdom of Bahrain. On such a retrospective mood, what comes in my mind is
above all are the moments we spent in IIPA along with my Guruji Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna. That heavenly concert realised a long cherished dream ever since the inception of IIPA. The very next year Pt.Ramesh Narayan was brought as a representative of Pt.Jasraj style of traditional Hindustani music. Irrespective of the fact whether it is of Northern or Southern style, music belongs to the true sense of oneness within all of us. This is the message we
intend to disseminate through these concerts. Our third event in this series was a magnificent classical concert of a true legend of our times, Dr.K.J Yesudas.Our fourth event was a heavenly shower of pure Ghazals of the Velvet Voice of India Sri.Pankaj Udhas which was widely appreciated regarding the content of rich music in it and the way in which it was presented to the audience.Yet another sublime musical experience followed in 2017 itself.
The most widely-loved style of unadulterated Ghazal music showered in the hearts of all music lovers in Bahrain. The one and only Ustad Ghulam Ali, the Emperor of Ghazals and his full team of musicians made a grand performance in Bahrain. The solemn Ghazals he gifted to the music world are so rich in their emotional texture along with the soulful music they contain. They unite and delight the society rather than limit and inhibit. Music is the binding
force here that is truly beyond geographical barriers. I sincerely believe that by bringing these all time favourite events to Bahrain, we are moving ahead in our committed path of bringing very high quality music and arts for a cultural enlightenment to create fraternity among society.

In English Literature it is accepted that to evaluate the quality of a poem, one need to use a touchstone method. It is nothing other than comparing it with the ever great poetic works of all time masters like Shakespeare, Milton, Byron, Wordsworth, Keats and Shelley, etc. Likewise to get the idea about a sublime kind of music, we should have these touchstones of our all time masters available with us. Staying away from one's Motherland, obviously, it is difficult to get such an exposure. Our endeavours are aimed at bridging this gap. Bahrain
music lovers are now enjoying the very high quality music and getting their touchstones in place. They are acquiring the essential knowledge that comes through hearing. I cannot end this message without mentioning the constructive help and support extended by certain students, friends and well wishers of IIPA through which only we gain the strength to achieve these goals. They are the ones who actually light up our sky. The bondage of IIPA and
myself especially to such contributors is immeasurable. At this juncture of complacency let me take this opportunity to thank one and all for everything that helped these musically richmoments to unfold.

I encapsulate the vision and mission of IIPA in this approach to music and to the society of
music lovers that which it pursued all throughout these fifteen years

With thanks and regards,

Managing Director & Principal
Indian Institute for Performing Arts (IIPA)
Kingdom of Bahrain
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